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About Us

G2M was born out of the idea that Pharmaceutical companies could go to market more effectively and efficiently. With over 20 years of experience across Life Science, Technology, and Analytics, as well as an extensive network of vendor and industry relationships, we can help you solve your go to market challenges. We offer a range of services from full-time partnership for a commercial/medical build out to the execution of any single aspect.

We have sold, marketed and led innovation in pharma, and now, as consultants, we bring solutions to your unique problems. We have great depth in Oncology and rare disease launches and enjoy working with both emerging BioPharma companies and large ones.

Sales Operations

Let our experience in incentives, targeting, and alignment across markets including rare disease and specialty biotech/pharma help you get to the right targets for your brand.

Go to Market Planning

We offer full build-out services, from standing up your tech stack to vendor selection to creating job descriptions. We have the resources to help accelerate your success as you bring your product to market.

Performance Acceleration

Ensuring your investments are producing results is critical. We can help you be more impactful with trigger programs, activity audits, and budget distribution analysis.


Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management consulting team establishes and manages the execution of program management plans, processes, and tools, as well as provides support in the following areas:

  • Schedule Management: Uses an integrated master schedule to incorporate task completion status, activity dependencies, valid forecast dates, and an executable critical path.
  • Budget Management: Develops budgets and monitors the cost of the program and budget execution status to maintain current and realistic budgets.
  • Risk and Quality Management: Identifies and manages risks, and governs quality within deliverable products to the government.

Performance Dashboard reporting system and financial tools help consolidate high-level information into an easy-to-digest format, while increasing transparency within the program and allowing client stakeholders to quickly locate information when needed.

We provide additional project management support on various task orders such as creative development, research, media, crisis communications, public relations, social media, campaign optimization, national partnership support, and webpage support.

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